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The following is a small list of skills that can be used in any Dark Future game.
Each skill details the skill name, the skill type (combat, vehicle or general) and the class of skill (A or B) which is used in character generation.

Remember that all skills have a maximum rating of 10.

Biker (Vehicle, A):
Biker skill is used to driving two or three wheeled vehicles. See Dark Future for more details.

Close Combat (Combat, B):
This skill is used for fighting in close combat. Each level gives a +1 to the to-hit roll in close combat. See the Close Combat section for more details.

Computer Use (General, B):
Computers and electronics are in use almost everywhere in the world these days. Cars, weapons and even ammunition has electronic devices installed in it. And with computers come hacking and with hacking comes counter-hacking. Computer use is the skill needed not merely to operate computers and electronic devices, but also to program them and also to hack or counter-hack them.
This skill gives modifiers to the Hack Attack Table from Dead Man's Curve, part 2. When hacking, this skill gives a +1 to the Hack Attack Table. When counter-hacking, this skill gives a -1 to the table. When hacking or counter-hacking, the computer operator has to actually be using the computer at the time. If the operators are just using Hack-Attack software then they can't use their skill.

If using the Datanet rules found on this site, then consult those for Computer Use.

Drive (Vehicle, A):
This skill is used for driving cars and most small land vehicles. See Dark Future for more details.

First Aid (General, A):
This skill is used to help save lives. During the course of a combat there isn't a lot that a character can do, but this skill can stabilise wounded people and keep them alive until professional medical trauma teams with their specialised equipment arrive.
In game terms, if a character with First Aid skill can get to a wounded person reduced to 0 CON points within 15 game turns and makes a successful skill roll, then the injured person isn't actually dead. They will remain KO'd for the rest of the game, but they will be stabilised and alive, awaiting a medical response unit. The downside, is that the first aider must remain with the injured character. If they leave them, they aren't monitoring and thus may miss any complications. For each turn that the injured person is left unattended, roll 1d6. On a 1, the injured person slips away and dies. Stop rolling if the first aider or another professional medical member returns.

Gunner (Combat, B):
This skill is used when firing vehicular weapons of all types. Each level gives a +1 to the to-hit roll in vehicular combat.

Handgunner (Combat, B):
Used when firing hand weapons, each level gives a +1 to the to-hit roll when using these weapons.

Jetcopter (Vehicle, A):
This skill is used when flying jetcopters. See the jetcopters section for more details.

Mechanic (General, A):
Being a mechanic means that the character has the skills and knowledge to help keep their car on the road and in good condition without having to rely on others help.
In game terms, this skill isn't really needed unless playing in a campaign. If that is so, then this skill reduces the cost of repairing damage and critical hits by $15 per skill level, which reflects the fact that while parts and a workshop are still needed, outside labour isn't. No actual skill rolls are needed. One mileage point is gained each time that a character conducts their own repairs. Obviously, a character undergoing medical care cannot conduct repairs.
Mechanic skill does not help with hacking repairs.

Running (General, A):
Running is a physical skill that combines elements of endurance and sprinting. In game terms, this skill enables a character to move faster. Each level in the skill gives the character a +0.5 cm extra movement and allows the character a second move action in the Second Pedestrian Phase. The maximum of ten ranks in this skill can give a +5 cm movement.
Advancing in running is not easy, but it is suggested that 1 mileage per engagement where the character uses their full running allowance is gained.

Thrown Weapon (Combat, B):
A skill that is used when weapons - such as grenades, knives or their ilk - are thrown. Each level gives a +1 to the throwing to-hit roll.

Trucker (Vehicle, A):
This skill is required when attempting to drive large ground vehicles, such as ten or eighteen tractor-trailer rigs.

Willpower (General, A):
Some people have a very strong will, able to resist much in the way of psychological distress. This skill is used to resist any such psychological happening, including any SAN tests - every level of this skill is subtracted from the SAN roll.

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