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From their inception in 1918, the pickup truck has become one of the most important vehicles in the history of the United States. Prized for its ability to haul a generous amount of cargo, whilst being a rugged and adaptable design, today the pickup can be found almost everywhere there is a population. Slightly limited by its ability to mount weapon hard points, the pickup more than makes up for this with sheer carrying capacity, and in the wastelands, many carry pintle mounts in the cargo bed for additional firepower.

The downside is that the pickup is not built for speed as much as other vehicles, although it may mount any accessory that cars can for increased performance.

However, pickups are prized by salvage gangs who operate in the wastelands clearing up after the road duels, and their vehicles can frequently be seen with full off-road suspension and lightly armoured for the maximum carrying capacity.

Unless stated, treat the Pickup as a normal Renegade for accessories. However, because the pickup is geared up for carrying cargo rather then speed, use this performance chart.

Basic Characteristics:

The pickup has a passenger seat as standard, but doesn't include the weight of the passenger (100) in the vehicle weight. The pickup is used for carrying cargo and can store vast amounts in the back. This can include up to 8 pedestrians provided the weight is paid for.

Advanced Characteristics:

Carbon Plastic

Car weapon mounts
Weapon Mounts:
Hood, 2 Forward Wings, Roof/Turret, Pintle mount back, 2 Passives.
The Hood or Roof/Turret may mount heavy weapons.
A turret mount reduces the passenger seating to zero.

If only small articles of cargo or no pedestrians are carried, then the pickup may mount a pintle mount (with a lightweight or medium weapon) in the back. The pintle mount has the same fire arc as a trike.

Ford Survivor:
The Survivor is a solid, pickup truck for those travelling around NoGo and wishing to keep their cargo in relatively safety. It combines a number of safety features for the driver to allow him to keep fighting. All weapons come on easy to remove hard points for entry back into the PZ of any major city. No cargo weight is included in the stats.

Classification: V6 multi-role pickup Weight: 1,760 Cost: $101,000
Max Speed: 92 mph Acceleration: 12 mph Braking: 20 mph Handling: 3
Occupancy: Driver only, cargo area.
Weapons: 2x 20mm GL (wings, forward), 15mm autocannon (turret), smoke passive.
Systems: Crash suppression, passenger cage, reinforced tyres.
Armour: 2 points each facing, +1 point carbo plastic (front, sides, rear).

Toyota Outback Defender:
The Outback Defender is the latest entry from Toyota and builds on their reputation for solid dependable vehicles. The Outback Defender is an all-terrain, heavily armoured pickup with reasonable performance for use in isolated settlements. Get a couple of buddies to main the weapons, and you can suprise a gangcult or two with the amount of firepower that you can put out in all directions.

Classification: V8 multi-crew pickup tank Weight: 2,365 Cost: $120,900
Max Speed: 92 mph Acceleration: 12 mph Braking: 15 mph Handling: 3, 5 vs. HE
Occupancy: Driver, 2 gunners (cupula and pintle), cargo area.
Weapons: 15mm autocannon (pintle mount, cargo bed), 6mm machine gun (cupula), spike layer passive.
Systems: Powered steering, OR reinforced tyres, full OR suspension.
Armour: 6 points each facing, floor 4 points, roof 2 points.

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