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Vans are designed for carrying cargo, much like pickups. Unlike pickups though, the suspension isn't designed to carry as much weight, but the cargo space is completely enclosed allowing for the safer travel of cargo. Not seen so much outside of the protection of the PeeZees (which is where the pickups dominate), in the PeeZees, vans are used as the standard small cargo transport, where they are used to carry passengers, cargo or used as security vehicles.

The downside of the van is that they're not built for carrying weapons as much as other vehicles - they don't have the wings of a car, so their front weapons are more mounted onto the side of the vehicle.

Unless stated, treat the Van as a normal Renegade for accessories. However, because the Van is more geared up for carrying cargo rather then speed, use the performance chart of the pickup. However, the V6 has a maximum weight limit of 3,400, the V8 has a maximum weight of 4,000, and the maximum weight of the V12 is 4,600.

Basic Characteristics:

Advanced Characteristics:

Carbon Plastic

Car weapon mounts
Weapon Mounts:
2 Forward Wings, Roof/Turret, 2 Rear Wings, 2 Passives.
The Roof/Turret may mount heavy weapons.

The van is designed more for cargo and/or passengers than weapons. It can carry one passenger up front, and up to 8 passengers or an equal amount of cargo in the rear.

Ford Security:
The Ford Security was designed for the safe carrying of important cargo, like money. No weapons are carried as local laws would prohibit this, but obviously these can be added as aand when needed. If the cargo is really precious, then escort vehicles (with concealed weaponry) will probably be travelling as backup. However, the vehicle carries all the latest in safety and security to protect the cargo, although not neccassarily the crew.
The two gunners are actually security guards, one carried in the front cab, and one in the rear with the cargo, although both have gunner equipment to fire any mounted weapons.

Classification: V8 multi-crew van carrier Weight: 1,560 Cost: $225,000
Max Speed: 108 mph Acceleration: 18 mph Braking: 20 mph Handling: 5
Occupancy: Driver, 2x gunners, cargo area.
Weapons: Vehicle maxiscreamer.
Systems: Active suspension, ECM 2, fire extinguisher, 2x gunners, reinforced tyres.
Armour: 6 points carbon plastic each facing.

Nissan Carrier:
Nissan have developed another no frills vehicle for the civilian market. Designed solely for the PeeZees and for small excursions into NoGo, the weapons mounted on the vehicle are hardly up to the task of defending against a NoGo gang, and like all vehicles, must be mounted and removed at the filter zone.

Classification: V6 van carrier Weight: 1,735 Cost: $89,000
Max Speed: 92 mph Acceleration: 12 mph Braking: 20 mph Handling: 3
Occupancy: Driver and gunner, cargo area.
Weapons: 15mm autocannon (turret), smoke layer passive.
Systems: Gunner
Armour: 3 points front, side, back, 2 points floor and roof.

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