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The following backgrounds are available to characters. A few minor alterations need to be made to a couple of the Redline backgrounds, and there are three new ones.

Bornagains can be used in Dark Future - there are many new religions and cults that have sprung up recently. There is only one change that needs to be made to the bornagain, and that is to change the Smite Mutie trait. Muties don't really exist in Dark Future. Instead, they may gain the Chatter skill as a class skill.

The Reject is pretty much non-existant in the world of Dark Future. Mutations like those described aren't common at all. If Rejects are found, then they'll be found deep in the hearts of the wastelands and deserts, being taken advantage of by the gangs and feared and killed by everyone else. If you do want to become a reject, then remove the bug eyed and slippery skin boons.

Savant and Feral backgrounds can exist, but are very rare.

PeeZee Native:
The PeeZees are where the citizens of America live, safe behind their walls and guarded by the police and the security. The citizens here have the best of everything, fresh water, education, jobs and anything that money can buy. Health care, insurance, and more importantly, access to new cars and equipment. Life here might seem easier than elsewhere, and indeed, for many aspects, it is, but life is different. You can't just take what you want, you have to obey the laws of the PeeZee, you need money, you need a job.

PeeZee Background Traits:
Gain 4 extra skill points due to the extra education that someone from the PeeZee gains.
May take Computer as a class skill. Everyone in the PeeZee has access to computers.
May take Knowledge (Civics) and Knowledge (Popular Culture) as Class Skills, due to the mass media exposure.
Can have Advanced Firearms Proficiency for free.
Must buy their accommodation (see the Costs and Living) and pay for monthly upkeep.

Town Native:
A town native is someone who was born and bred in one of the many towns that exist outside of the PeeZees and away from their safety. Life here is very different to that found in the PeeZees. Water and supplies aren't always readily available, law and order may or may not exist, gangs may be raiders or supplying protection, and life isn't always easy. The town mentality varies from friendly but cautious of outsiders, to completely xenophobic.

Town Native Background Traits:
+1 Constitution. Living in the towns away from civilisation soon develops the hardiness of the people there.
May take Barter as a class skill. Money doesn't always have a meaning when you have to look after yourself with what you've got.
May take Advanced Firearms Proficiency for free.
Must buy their accommodation (see the Costs and Living) and pay for monthly upkeep.

Gang Member:
The background represents someone who has been brought up outside of the PeeZee and in NoGo, running with the gangs from an early age. This character is likely to be leading a life of crime, taking what they can, when they can, living outside of the laws. The gang rules and is the characters family. Of course, the bigger the gang, the less chance there is for making a name for yourself, but the bigger the gang, chances are someone somewhere is putting out a hit out on it already, so maybe the chance is there after all...

Gang Member Background Traits:
+1 Constitution. Living outside of society makes for hardy people.
+1 Dexterity. Living outside the law means you have to be quick.
May take Knowledge (Streetwise) as a Class Skill due to having to know who to talk to without getting into trouble.
May take Dodge or Born to Fight as first level Class feats. These are not free feats, but taken instead of a usual feat at first level. This is due to the fact that being in a gang, you will have learnt to fight or dodge.

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