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Prices vary widely in Dark Future, but use the following as a guide.

Average Annual Wage: $84,200


    Small studio flat in PeeZee$1,000 per month
    One bedroomed flat in PeeZee$5,000 per month
    Nice roomy flat in PeeZee$8,000 per month
    Small house in PeeZee$15,000 per month
    Large house in PeeZee$35,000 per month
    Small house in Town$8,000 per month
    Large house in Town$15,000 per month


    Desktop computer$1,000
    Laptop computer$1,500
    Portable printer$300
    Sim-Chips$50 +
    Music Chip$10


    Fake leather jacket$500
    Dress shoes$150
    Sturby boots$200
    Cheap suit$2,000
    Fashionable suit$5,000
    High class suit$10,000 +

Food and Supplies:

    Loaf of bread$12
    Bottle of beer$16
    Real meat hamburger$100 (don't ask what kind of meat)
    Cup of real coffee$150 (illegal in the USA)
    Cup of recaf coffee$5
    Bottle of pure water$200 per litre
    Pack of cigarettes$10 (officially good for you in the USA)
    Bottle of cheap wine$25
    Bottle of spirits$25


    Ram-track$1 per mile (only between major cities)
    Air travel$5 per mile (internal only)
    Scramjet to Europe$20,000
    Gallon of gasoline$4
    Gallon of aviation fuel$10


    Handgun license$500 per year
    Hunting license$1,000 per year
    Automatic weapon license$5,000 per year

See here for Androids.
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See here for Cyberware.
See here for Guns.
See here for Jetcopters.
See here for Other Equipment.
See here and Dark Future for additional vehicles.
See here for Trucks.

Currency Conversion:

    Yen$1 = ¥100
    Pound$5 = 1
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