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This Dark Future role-playing game can be played completely without using the original Dark Future rules, board or anything really, however, you might want to continue using that game for the car combat scenes rather than using Redline. If so, then this section is for you as there are some elements of Redline that will need to be adapted.

Skills, Feats, Proficiencies:
These skills stay with Dark Future. As such, they have a maximum level of 10, and don't follow any of the d20 System rules. Instead, use all normal Dark Future rules for driving.

Vehicle skils include the following:


Or any skill that is used to drive vehicles.
Vehicle skills cost Triple the normal amount in character generation.

Any character without a vehicle skill may not drive that vehicle.
Any vehicle without a vehicle weapons proficiency may fire weapons, but will be at a -1 to hit. A character has a Gunnery skill equal to their highest bonus to hit divided by 3, rounding down (minimum +0).

Feats may give additional bonuses to driving vehicles and shooting weapons, and these feats are additional ways that a character may get any bonuses to hit in vehicle combat. See here for changes to feats.

A high level Redliner or Sanctioned Op will become very gross in combat with all their feats and abilities.

Highwayman characters can accumulate a lot more pyschosis points than their Dark Future counter-parts because characters will be involved in actions on a more regular basis than simply once every engagement. When converting back to Dark Future then, simply halve (round down) any psychosis points the character has.

Vehicle Combat:
Vehicle combat stays as in Dark Future. A character in vehicle combat only gets the one action per phase (as normal).

Whenever a driver gets hit in vehicle combat, calculate their CON point loss as normal Dark Future rules, and then translate this into hit point damage by rolling 1d4 per CON point loss. If a character ever has to make stun or KO checks, then the character should make a Fort saving throw. Stun has a DC 20, whilst KO has a DC 25.

When pedestrians are shooting at pedestrians, apply all normal Redline rules. When pedestrians are shooting vehicles, apply all Dark Future rules. When vehicles are shooting pedestrians, apply all normal Dark Future rules and then apply normal Redline damage.

Whilst this would ordinarily seem confusing with any other type of game, Dark Future uses only a d6 die roll for hit and damage, so it really won't slow things down at all.

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