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Grenades (5k)

Grenades, you either love 'em or you dodge 'em.

Thrown or Launched Grenades:

    WeaponDamageCritical Burst
    20mm Concussion--10 ft
    20mm Fragmentation3d6-20 ft
    20mm HE4d6Explosive10 ft
    20mm Incendiary6d6Fire5 ft
    20mm Phosphor2d6Fire20 ft
    20mm Smoke--10 ft
    20mm Tear Gas--15 ft
    Sticky Grenade---
    RAM Grenade---

Direct Fire Grenades:

    WeaponDamageCriticalType Range
    20mm AP2d12x3P*
    20mm Flame3d6Fire30
    20mm Shot3d819-20/x2P20

The AP grenade is treated like Depleted Uranium ammunition. The range of the grenade is as per the launcher.

Everyone within the burst radius of this weapon must make a FORT Saving Throw (DC 18) or be rendered unconscious. If used within the enclosed confines of a room, then the DC is included to 25.

Any target that takes damage from a phosphor grenade is dealt an additional 1d6 points of fire damage in the following round and risks catching on fire. In addition, the area is covered in smoke.

RAM Grenades:
RAM grenades cannot be thrown and must be launched. The RAM option doubles the range of a grenade and cannot be used with Flame or Shot grenades.

Sticky Grenades:
The sticky grenade is a normal grenade which has a special adhesive attachment allowing it to stick to any service. It is usually very reliable, but not always...

A sticky grenade will never bounce - where it lands, there it will explode. It can stick to most surfaces, expecially flesh - and if you get one on you, you have only a couple of seconds to pull the grenade free - requiring a REF Saving Throw (DC 18) and inflicting 1d3 hits damage to the target. Failure means that the grenade will explode...

But the adhesive sometimes breaks early - on a natural 1 on the to-hit throw, the grenade sticks to the throwers hand...

Sticky grenades cost $25 extra.

Tear Gas:
On the round that it is thrown, a tear gas grenade fills a 5-foot radius with a cloud of irritant that causes eyes to fill with tears. On the following round, it fills a 10-foot radius, and on the third round it fills a 15-foot radius. It disperses after 10 rounds, though winds will quicken this. A character caught in a cloud of tear gas must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or be nauseated. This effect lasts as long as the character is in the cloud and for 1d6 rounds after he or she leaves the cloud. Those who succeed at their saves but remain in the cloud must continue to save each round. A gas mask renders the target immune to the effects. A wet cloth held over the eyes, nose, and mouth provides a +2 bonus on the Fortitude save.

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