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Psychosis and Humanity (5k)

With the types of work that most people do, the chances of their mental health remaining stable is relatively low. And the more they succumb to their mental attitudes, the more unstable they become.

Dead Man's Curve has some extensive rules for using psychosis in Dark Future and that article is the basis for these psychosis rules for Highwayman.

In addition, the article on cyberware lists Humanity, which also affects how people react to one another, depending on how much machinary they have in their bodies.

Gaining Psychosis Points:
A character will gain psychosis points for all the following acts: At the end of every combat, a character gains 1 psychosis point for every fatality on their side and half a point for every fatality on the opposing side.

A character receives 1 psychosis for every major injury they sustain, such as loss of a limb.
A character receives 1d6 psychosis points if they 'die' and have to be whisked away by a recovery clause.
A character receives 1 psychosis point if they roll on any of the Media tables from Dead Man's Curve.
A character receives double the normal Dark Future psychosis for having cyberware. This usually means that a typical item will cost 2 psychosis points.

A character should keep a running total of the amount of psychosis points that they gain.

The Effects of Psychosis:
After a character gains any psychosis points, they must make a WIL Saving Throw, with a DC equalling the amount of psychosis points that they currently have. If they make this test, then nothing else happens to them. If they fail, then roll 1d10 and add their current psychosis point total and consult the current table.

    Die RollResult
    1-18Roll on the Harmless Disorder Table
    19-22Roll on the Minor Disorder Table
    23-30Roll on the Costly Disorder
    31+Roll on the Dangerous Disorder Table

These additional tables can be found in Dead Man's Curve. Gamesmasters and players are encouraged to come up with additional disorders for further spice.

Whilst most of the effects of the disorders are pretty self-explanatory, any skill roll effects should be doubled for their Highwayman modifiers.

Losing Disorders Psychosis Points:
Every week of game time, the character may make a roll for each disorder they have to see if it is still affecting them. Make a WIL Saving Throw with the following DCs:

    DisorderDCPsychosis Points

If a character manages to lose a disorder, then they will also lose some psychosis points - roll the dice as listed on the table above and immediately subtract that many psychosis points from the characters total. This total may never be reduced below zero.

A character may also get professional help to aid them in their cures. Psychiatric help costs $1,000 per session, and requires one session per week. When initiated, the character must decide whether they want the shrinks to help them lose a particular stated disorder or psychosis points in general. If a particular disorder, then the character gets a +5 bonus to their WIL Saving Throw after the first session with the shrink. If the character misses a session, then the bonus is lost and they must start again.

If simply trying to lose psychosis points, then each session (including the first), the character may make a WIL Saving Throw (with a DC 15). If they succeed then they may lose a psychosis point.

Humanity starts at 40 and is calculate in the same way as normal, by subtracting all psychosis points lost due to cyberware.

In any encounter between two people, the differences between the humanity of the two main speakers in the parties is compared and the following table consulted. The result listed is used as a DC modifer to any skill rolls made in the encounter, such as persuasion, barter and similar.

    Humanity DifferenceDC Modifier
    0-10+0 DC
    11-20+5 DC
    21-30+10 DC
    31-40+15 DC
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